Swift PC Optimizer™ – A PC Cleaner Free Utility for Windows Computers

Swift PC Optimizer™ which known as PC Cleaner Free windows utility for all computer, cleans all the unwanted junk files from system such as unwanted registry files, cookies, browsing history, cache memory etc and keeps up system protected.

Using Swift PC Optimizer you can remove privacy risks, free up valuable disk space and keep your personal information secure. Swift PC Optimizer will find and remove the history of recently visited websites, internet chat conversations, downloaded music, video or photos. Cookies that have been automatically downloaded will also be tracked and removed along with information about recently opened documents and any document searches.

swift pcoptimizer

Privacy Scan & Results

In the Clean-Up Privacy and Temporary Files screen, Swift PC Optimizer lets you scan for possible privacy risks in the following areas:


  • Windows – information stored by the windows operating system including the names of recently accessed files, temporary files, contents of your recycle bin, document searches and any other windows information that could contain privacy risks.


  • Internet – information collected on your computer while you surf the Internet including; search histories, cookies, recently viewed pages, music, video and photos.


  • Chat History – logs of conversations you’ve had on AOL, Yahoo or MSN


  • Software – items from the software programs on your computer including lists of recently viewed Microsoft Word documents, temp files and log files.


Select the categories you wish to scan and click Start Scan. All selected categories will be scanned for possible privacy risks.


The scan can take from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the performance of your system, the number of files selected and how long it has been since you last scanned and removed privacy risks from these areas.

After running a scan the results are displayed in the Scan Results screen. Next to each category in the scan results you will see the number of files found, the amount of disk space they occupy and an option for more information.

You can remove any or all risk items that are displayed in the list. Before you begin to remove items, we recommend that you review them and only select those items you want to delete. By default all risk items are selected. Deselect any items or categories you wish to keep before hitting the Delete Selected button.

More Info – click here if you would like more detailed information about the individual files or items. Results will be displayed in the Details Window. Click on the plus sign to further expand any group for information on individual files.

All items in the expanded group are pre-selected. Uncheck the box next to any items you wish to keep or select “check none” to deselect everything at one time.

Remember excluded items from future scans – if you notice an item on the list which you know you do not want included in future scans for example cookies containing log-in credentials which you use automatically when visiting a trusted site, simply deselect the item or items and check this box. These items will be remembered by Swift PC Optimizer and will be

Excluded from future scans. You can modify the list of excluded files by going to the Settings menu and clicking on exclusion lists.

Deleting Privacy Risks

Once you’re sure that only the files you wish to delete are selected click Delete Selected.

Items will be removed using a standard delete which removes the items permanently from your computer bypassing the recycle bin.

Clean up residual files

Find and remove residual files from your computer. Swift PC Optimizer searches your computer for TMP, BAK, OLD, and

$$$ files.

In the Clean-Up Residual Files screen, choose the Find Junk button to scan your computer for residual files.

After the scan is complete, choose the Remove Junk button to remove these files.

Fix invalid short cuts

You can clean up your Desktop and Start Menu by removing broken short cut links.

Short cuts are a feature of the Windows operating system providing easy access to files and documents stored in your computer. The Start Menu is made up of shortcuts pointing to various files elsewhere on your hard drives. Choosing a short cut automatically opens its corresponding application or document. When the data linked to these short cuts are moved or deleted, the short cuts point to an incorrect location. These invalid shortcuts may mislead you and clutter your system.

Swift PC Optimizer scans your system for short cuts, and then looks for the files to which they are supposed to link. The software matches existing files with their previous short cuts and removes broken or unnecessary ones.

In the Fix Invalid Short Cuts screen, choose the Scan button to scan your computer for invalid short cuts.

After the scan is complete, choose the Remove button to remove the remaining invalid short cuts.

Additional Advanced Function for Start-up Manager

Box-Without-ShadowThe Start-Up Manager shows the programs that are loaded when Windows starts. The more programs that are loaded at startup the slower your startup time will be. Swift PC Optimizer scans your computer for a complete list of the programs currently loaded at startup and helps you remove any unnecessary programs from the list. The programs you remove are only removed from the startup menu and are not deleted from your computer.

In the Start-Up Manager, you can select any program you do not wish to have loaded at startup and click Remove from Startup. Swift PC Optimizer removes the selected program from the list of programs that start when Windows is loaded (the program is NOT deleted from your computer).

If you are unsure about a program, you can select it and click on Advanced Options to get more information about that particular program including a Google search, opening the file and running the program.